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The Introduction of New Flights As Well As Cruises to Cuba

With the slow easing of restrictions as well as sanctions on Cuba from the U.S Government, the U.S operators can now breathe easily and relax a bit. For the first time in many years, the U.S operators are able to give their passengers good and efficient service between U.S.A and Cuba. It started back in late August when the company JetBlue had hosted a scheduled commercial passenger flight that travels from Florida to Cuba. Hence, this is a great thing for tourists.

Some more companies that are involved in this recently developed traveling route

Recently, another popular U.S operator named Delta had launched their first flight to the famous holiday destination. They provide a continuous service from their place in Atlanta to the Havana. Thus, they are providing some excellent tourism services to people who want to travel to Cuba for enjoying a great and fabulous holiday. An interesting fact to note here is that this company is the one who used to provide people with flights to Cuba earlier before the restrictions were laid down in the 1960s. At that time, they used to operate from New Orleans.

At the start of this week, another popular U.S tour operator, the Southwest also added this route to their services. The Havana is their 100th travel destination. The place of Cuba is the latest place to be added to their list of countries of operations. They had started their operation in the July of 2014. They have also added another destination to this particular route in the form of Santa Clara.

Some of the other airlines that have started their operation in this route are the American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Silver Airways, United Airlines and much more. These companies have either begun their flying schedules by now, or they are planning to develop their schedules from 2017.

What are some of the restrictions that still exist?

There are still some restrictions in place that are proving to make the operation a difficult one and hence the airline companies cannot provide their services with ease. One of the most noted restrictions among the many is the limitation in the total number of daily flights between these two countries. Under the current rules and regulations, a U.S airline can just offer a total of 20 regular flights to Cuba. So, this is restricting their business to some extent. The companies that are operating on this route have to fall under any of the 12 permitted categories.

What is the other traveling option available to people?

Flying is not the single option available to people to reach Cuba. With an ease of restrictions, the U.S Cruise operators have found a way to operate between these countries. Among the numerous companies, the Norwegian Cruise Line is the first one to start their operation there. Their ships are fully approved to sail to the majestic holiday destination of Cuba. There are many such companies that are waiting to begin their operation to this famous holiday destination.